January 22, 2017


Chris has been our landscaping contractor for many years. He has designed and constructed a wide variety of quality outdoor projects including a large driveway and entertainment area, a reconstructed basement stairway, a multilevel outdoor grill including countertops and storage areas, and a salt-box tool shed. Additionally, Chris has refurbished several patios that needed re-leveling and edge straightening. Chris has indeed been a pleasure to work with, and his efforts have been admired by family, friends, and visitors. He has a great sense of design, is highly reliable, skilled and meticulous.

Chris and his guys gave us everything we asked for and without going over budget.  Now there is plenty of room for everyone to hang out by the lake.  And no more mud!  They even seeded the lawn when they were finished.

The fence and the yard are both great.  The work you did has added a wonderful space for our kids to run and play that is both private and safe.  The fence is holding up perfectly despite several wind storms in a neighborhood characterized by lots of old trees.  In fact, we had a large branch land right on our garage and fence in the June 2012 wind storm………..it destroyed the garage roof but the fence was absolutely fine!

Chris did a great job with our yard. He and his crew came in and replaced the old brick work in the front with these delightful light colored stones keeping the curved that existed before. I loved the way he did the back patio. I wanted to enlarge the space, have rounded edges, and be centered out from the back door. He found some discontinued stones of various colors and blended them together forming this multi-colored patio. Just before Christmas Chris called and said he found a kid’s playhouse. The best part was watching it come up the street in back of the truck. The grandkids are having a ball in our new back yard.

Chris did a great job with the front steps. The entire structure was compromised and the new structure and steps look great. The backyard is beautiful. Previously it was subdivided into a three-tier deck and very divided yard. Resulting patio in back yard, and smaller patio with garden behind the garage, makes the space beautiful and practical. Superb craftsmanship and design.