Landscape Design & Builds

Design:  For simple projects a quick sketch will suffice but for more complex jobs, scaled drawings are necessary. Customer input is encouraged as the design process is an opportunity to firm up both budget and aesthetics. It is necessary to charge for some residential drawings where scaled drawings are needed.

Builds: We build brick fences, paver patios, walkways, retaining walls and driveways in the greater Columbus area.  We have been in business since 1997.

Estimates: During the spring season, we schedule on-site estimates.  If you are serious about completing your project in the next two-three months, please contact us by filling out the form or calling us.  It will take approximately one week to schedule an estimate during peak season (April-July).  We can expedite this process, if you upload pictures and describe your project and budget in the form to the left.

Installation:  Using proven construction methods tailored to each site ensures your project is finished with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape.  We will secure permits or HOA approvals needed to minimize start delays.

Seasonal landscape services: Henthorne Landscape provides brick paver patio & walkway maintenance and reconditioning during the warm dry summer months when conditions are best. Usual cost is $1-$2 per square foot and includes cleaning/power washing, removing weeds, leveling, and applying sealer.