January 24, 2017


Whether adding a new wood privacy fence or ornamental steel fence to your residential or commercial property, we will be happy to help you through the process, from design to installation. Removal of any existing fence or trees can be included in the installation quote as well as painting the new fence, further streamlining the process so you have just one contractor to deal with. As with any construction project, planning is key. The first step in drawing up a new fence plan is to consult surrounding neighbors and local zoning laws. Even if not required by local code, a certified survey is a worthwhile investment, the cost of a survey being much less than relocating a fence. Every post hole is excavated to below frost depth with one third of the post below grade to brace against wind load and frost heaving.

As with other landscape structures, fence styles are usually chosen to fit the architecture of the accompanying building and neighborhood. No fence is truly maintenance free but some of the prefab fence systems should only require occasional cleaning. Wood fences can be painted or stained during installation, increasing the fence’s lifespan by immediately getting a protective coating.

Due to it’s durability and classic look the Ameristar fence system is a popular choice for commercial sites as well as residential applications such as enclosing a pool or yard where zoning does not allow a privacy fence. It is also permitted in some historic neighborhoods as an alternative to wrought iron. The patented paint process on the Montage fence system is guaranteed for 20 years making it virtually maintenance free.