January 26, 2017


Columbus Ohio Driveways
Paver Driveway

The planning and construction of a driveway is similar to a commercial paving project. Issues such as load distribution and water runoff must be accounted for. On most residential sites the driveway is the largest structure on the lot, often a bigger foot print than the house. For this reason it is important to choose the paving material that fits with the architecture of the accompanying house. Concrete pavers are the most popular material choice for dry laid paver driveways in Columbus Ohio. They offer the most choice in color, size and shapes, providing more design flexibility. The larger dimensions available also help decrease movement. The only drawback is color fade which can be slowed with maintenance applications of chemical sealer. Clay brick pavers and natural stone cobbles do not suffer the color fade of concrete pavers which can be a benefit to customers wanting to minimize long term maintenance. And Often these older materials fit better with more traditional architecture. Crushed aggregates and gravels are yet another option if green construction is an interest. No pavement is more permeable than gravel and if sourced through a local quarry, trucking is kept to a minimum. No matter the material used for the surface, the most important part of driveway construction is the grading and base preparation. A minimum depth of 12″ of graded and compacted aggregate is required for vehicular traffic. A properly graded and pitched driveway ensures positive drainage and prevents ponding. Any of these materials will require some maintenance. Polymeric joint sand and chemical sealers are not a requirement but usually a worthwhile investment, reducing weed growth and minimizing discoloration and movement. One long term benefit of a dry laid paver driveway over poured concrete or asphalt is that a repair or expansion can be made with no obvious scar afterward.